Old Post Office

Ocean View and the neighboring communities of Millville, Clarksville, Bayard, Muddy Neck, Cedar Neck, Bethany, S. Bethany and Fenwick, all part of Baltimore Hundred, make up coastal Delaware between the Indian River Bay and the Assawoman Bay. These villages have grown from small hamlets of subsistence farmers and seafarers into vibrant coastal communities. This part of Delaware is not only a wonderful place to live but also has a rich and interesting history.

The Ocean View Historical Society is seeking to preserve and share the rich history of these coastal towns through planned workshops, speakers, fundraisers, tours and an exhibit in the old Ocean View Town Hall. A museum of rotating exhibits also has been proposed where everyone can participate in programs regarding the history of these coastal towns.


During the first six years, Ocean View Historical Society members envisioned and built a Historical Complex on the Tunnell-West property at 39 Central Avenue in Ocean View. The down stairs of the Historical House is now complete and furnished with period furniture and artifacts. The newest addition is an 1800’s outhouse which stands close to the Historical House. The exterior of the post office built in 1889 has been restored. An exact replica of Cecile Steele’s first chicken house has been built and includes poultry artifacts. The Ocean View Historical Society is grateful for those who have supported and contributed to these projects.

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